Staff Registration

We are recruiting volunteer staff who can help support this big event.

If you are a contest organizer from your country, this is an especially good chance to see and learn how JYYF runs a yo-yo contest.


Here are some of the positions we are seeking staff for.

  • Registration / Reception
  • Help Desk / Guide
  • Translator

The following positions require previous experience or professional knowledge of the work.

  • Judge
  • MC
  • Photographer
  • Social Media Specialist

Please submit your registration by June 19.

The first call for applications is due on Monday, June 19 (JST). Additional applications and extension of the deadline will be considered based on the status of the first round.


The detailed contest schedule will be announced later. Even if you cannot stay the whole time, we will coordinate around your schedule. Please feel free to let us know your preference.


  • If you are also competing, we will schedule your tasks around that.
  • Due to staffing, you may be assigned to a different job than you have requested.
  • You will be required to follow the instructions of the person in charge of your team for each assignment. As this will be a large scale competition, we ask for your cooperation in deferring to your team leader for handling any issue that may arise.
  • In order for visitors to enjoy their time at the contest, please treat event participants as guests, and at the same time be sure to follow the same rules that we ask them to follow.
  • Please do not share any information obtained in the operation of the contest with outside parties (you will be personally responsible for any legal issues that may arise).
  • We may decline your staff participation offer due to the capacity of positions or suitability of roles.
  • Generally, we only accept staff applications from people 18 years old and older.

Transportation or Lodging Fees

We will not cover any costs for transportation or lodging.

However, there are some cases that we may cover those fully or partially.

Staff Benefits

  • Free admission on the day(s) you participate as staff
  • Free boxed lunch on the day(s) you participate as staff
  • WYYC2023 Special Staff T-shirt
  • WYYC2023 Special Staff Yo-Yo (must volunteer for 2 or more days. Model may differ depending on your role or the number of days you volunteer)

Staff Registration Form