Fan Events

These are some of the Fan Events scheduled to take place at WYYC2023.

THP Champ Caravan

It’s the famous group that toured all of Japan and started a yo-yo boom!
“THP Champ Caravan” is coming to World Yo-Yo Contest 2023 in Osaka!
Members in attendance will include Nakamura Meijin, THP Members, THP Japan Members, and some special guests. Of course they’ll have a mini contest too!

THP (Team High Performance)
Yo-Yo Team originally established in Honolulu, Hawaii. It produced many top players and swept the contest scene of the time. During the yo-yo boom from 1997 to 2000, they held events throughout Japan under the name “THP Champ Caravan.” Many yo-yo fans in Japan participated, and the tour is remembered fondly amongst Japanese yo-yo players.

*Performing members and Stage Schedule are here!

Event Area: Sub Hall A (Event Room) and Atrium

Mr. Kaneko and Mr. Yanagi’s Collection Exhibit

Ryuya Kaneko, the main personality of YouTube Channel “YOYOMANIAX,” and Takashi Yanagi, one of the world’s leading yo-yo collectors, join forces for a special exhibition of their rare collections.

The Collection Exhibit will be open from August 18th to the 20th. Indulge in some nostalgia and take in their collection of everything from memorable models to some ultra rare specimens, absolutely free of charge.

Mr. Takashi Yanagi (right)
Born in 1971, he started yo-yo at 8 years old and now boasts an impressive career in the community of over 40 years. As one of the world’s leading yo-yo collectors, he has a collection totaling more than 20,000 pieces. In 2005 he supervised the re-release of the Coca Cola yo-yo series. He currently runs a yo-yo class and works to promote yo-yos.

Yo-Yo Professional Ryuya Kaneko (left)
Yo-Yo Performer and one of the world’s leading yo-yo collectors, his collection totals more than 10,000 pieces. He started yo-yo during the 1997 Hyper Yo-Yo boom and has a career of over 20 years. He broadcasts expertise of his many years of knowledge and experience in the yo-yo community.

Event Area: Atrium


After the main competition ends on Sunday, August 20th, “WYYC2023 TRICK BATTLE” will take the main stage! Mini events to determine the final tournament match-ups will be held in the Atrium and Event Room (Sub Hall A) throughout the contest.

Schedule to be announced soon…

Event Area: Atrium, Sub Hall A (Event Room) and Main Hall

Meet & Greet

We will be holding Meet & Greet events where you can meet and get autographs from famous players, yo-yo brand owners, and more!

The event schedule and participation conditions will be announced soon…

Event Area: Atrium

Touch & Try

We invite all folks who are new to yo-yo, or bought a yo-yo and don’t know how to use it, to check out our Touch & Try teaching booth. Our staff will help you adjust your string and show you how to play.

Event Area: Atrium


(Last Update: 2023.8.10)