Nakamura Meijin Presents: [THP Champ Caravan]

It’s the famous group that toured all of Japan and started a yo-yo boom!
“THP Champ Caravan” is coming to World Yo-Yo Contest 2023 in Osaka!
Members in attendance will include Nakamura Meijin, THP Members, THP Japan Members, and some special guests. Of course they’ll have a mini contest too!

*You must purchase a WYYC2023 design special looping yo-yo from the WYYC Official Booth in order to participate in the mini contest.
(the yo-yo)

THP (Team High Performance)
Yo-Yo Team originally established in Honolulu, Hawaii. It produced many top players and swept the contest scene of the time. During the yo-yo boom from 1997 to 2000, they held events throughout Japan under the name “THP Champ Caravan.” Many yo-yo fans in Japan participated, and the tour is remembered fondly amongst Japanese yo-yo players.

Event Schedule

Saturday, August 19th
① Performance at 2:40 pm : Event Room (Sub Hall A)
② Performance at 4:20 pm : Atrium special stage

Sunday, August 20th
① Performance at 12:40 pm : Event Room (Sub Hall A)

Participating Members

Nakamura Meijin

Appearing in all Stage times.

Keijiro Hasegawa (THP Japan)

Appearing in Stage ② on August 19th

Takumi Nagase (THP Japan)

Appearing in all Stage times.

Koji Yokoyama (THP Japan)

Appearing in all Stage times, scheduled for a solo performance.

Shigesato Kurita (THP Japan)

Appearing in all Stage times.

Takumi Sakamoto (THP Hawaii)

Appearing in Stage ① & ② on August 19th

Team ProYo (Yohans & Ben)

Stage times to be announced…

MC:Jiro “Jay” Takasugi

The MC of the Japan Championship and narrator of that VHS that everyone watched until it wore out, he’s here for an electric performance!

Appearing in Stage ① on August 20th