Floor Guide

This page introduces each area of the venue. Please refer to the Floor Map and Admission Ticket pages for more details.

Quick Access Chart

Atrium (sales booths, exhibitions, events, etc.)

This area is open to the public free of charge and does not require a ticket for admission. In addition to shopping at the sponsors’ booths, visitors will be able to view exhibits and socialize with other visitors. Events will also be held in the atrium.

Main Hall

All competition* (except for WildCard) is held in the main hall.

Number of seats: Approx. 1,000 (front: assigned seats, rear: unreserved seats/restricted to the area of ticket purchase) A “Full Access Ticket” is required to enter the Main Hall (Contestants will also need to purchase a separate spectator ticket).

*Some competition may be held in Sub Hall A due to scheduling or other reasons.

Hall Lobby (sales booths)

Sponsors will have sales booths in the Hall Lobby in front of the entrance to the Main Hall.

The Hall Lobby is open to “Full Access Ticket” and “Limited Access (Sub Hall Only) Ticket” and “Contestant” ticket holders.

Sub Hall A: Event Room

This is the hall where everyone can enjoy the competition while interacting with each other through live viewing.

The screen in the sub hall will project video of the competition taking place in the main hall.

Events will be held in between the competition, and on the 19th and 20th, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting will be held in this hall. If you would like to join in the excitement while listening to the live commentary (in Japanese language only), please gather at “Sub Hall A: Event Room.”

Number of seats: Approx. 400 (unreserved seats)

A Full Access Ticket or Sub Hall Only Ticket is required for admission.
This will be a fully seated area on August 19th and 20th.

Sub Hall B: Theater Room

This is a hall where video from the Main Hall will be constantly projected onto a screen, and visitors can enjoy watching the competition throughout the day. Those who wish to watch in a more relaxed atmosphere like a movie theater, please gather in “Sub Hall B: Theater Room.”

Number of seats: Approx. 200 (unreserved seats)

A Full Access Ticket or Sub Hall Only Ticket is required for admission.

Contestant Prep Room

On each date of the contest, the Prep Rooms are open exclusively to contestants. As a general rule, only contestants competing on that day may use this space.

Three rooms, including a large room, are available as Prep Rooms.
No spectators are allowed in these rooms.


  • Please do not gather or play yo-yo in the hallways, aisles, or near the entrance to rooms, as some rooms are occupied by other tenants (please socialize in the atrium).
  • Please do not play yo-yo on the streets outside the venue or in the neighborhood as it may cause complaints to the venue.