WildCard Round & Music

The WildCard round is for anyone who wishes to compete at the World Yo-Yo Contest but did not qualify into any of the Prelim through Final rounds.

In the professional sports world, a world contest is usually reserved as a competition for only those who have proven their abilities and advanced into the top level of that sport. It’s a place that is and should be where the best take on the best. It’s all about respecting and celebrating those people’s abilities.

However, we acknowledge that there are many reasons that skilled players may not have been able to qualify for the World Yo-Yo Contest. That’s why we created the WildCard round. It helps alleviate some of the pressure on our judges to evaluate long hours of freestyles, while still giving everyone who wants to try, a chance to compete, and thus a chance to win the World Title.

The format of the WildCard round will be as follows:

  • It will be in a private room with just judges and staff (no spectators).
  • The venue may have a limited ceiling space.

The WildCard round is for everyone except Seeded players

Please see the following pages for the seeding details.

Rules for the WildCard round:

  • 30-second Freestyle
  • No “Major Deductions”
  • No Freestyle Evaluation scoring categories
  • Only Technical Execution (Clickers, plus and minus) will be evaluated
  • You must choose your music from among the options listed on this page
  • Please see the Freestyle Rules page for more details on how freestyles will be scored
  • In the case that we have more than 150 contestants in the WildCard round, we may split them up into two or three equal groups, and take the same number of advancing contestants from each group.
  • If the number of contestants is small, we may cancel the WildCard round for the division and let the players compete starting in the Prelim round.

Music Options (30 seconds)

Please make sure you know your music number like “M-07” when you compete at WildCard. Contest Staff will ask your music number at the door when you come into the room.

*M-1 ~ M-22 are provided by JYYF. M-23-25 are provided by GYYA.

*It is possible that we may add more music options at a later time.