Contestant Registration


To register as a Contestant for the World Yo-Yo Contest 2023, please submit the Application Form linked below and pay the Contestant Registration Fee.

Available payment methods: Credit Card

If you need an Invitation Letter from us for your visa application, please register/pay first and then request a letter from here.

Access Area Quick Chart

You will need to buy a Seating Ticket if you want to access the main hall and/or live viewing rooms.

Registering as a contestant does NOT include admission to the main hall or sub halls (live viewing rooms). Due to high demand and limited seating in the venue, contestants will need to purchase an additional ticket to enter the halls of their choice as a spectator (in exchange, the Contestant Registration Fee is now only for each division a contestant chooses to compete in). We appreciate your understanding.

Please see the details for tickets here.

Registration Deadline is July 17

Deadline for Contestant Registration is July 17 (Monday).

There is no on-site registration or late registration for contestants.

Please make sure you register BEFORE July 17 if you are competing at WYYC2023.

Contestant Registration Fee

Championship Divisions

Early discount: JPY 9,000 (Until 6/30) for each division

Regular Price: JPY 12,000 (After 7/1) for each division

  • 1A
  • 2A
  • 3A
  • 4A
  • 5A
  • AP

All AP Contestants (including team members) must register and pay the Contestant Registration Fee before July 7 (deadline date for video submission). Otherwise, the submitted tryout video will not be sent to judges for evaluation.

Non-Championship Events

Early discount: JPY 5,000 (Until 6/30) for each division

Regular Price: JPY 7,000 (After 7/1) for each division

  • OVER-40 FREESTYLE Master Class
  • OVER-40 FREESTYLE Open Class

If you are competing in multiple divisions, please submit this application form the same number of times as the number of divisions you will compete in.


Please submit your form and payment from this page.

Contestant Registration