Contest Videos

Live Stream Recording

YouTube Live archives are available here

(Some regions may not be able watch due to a copyright block.)

Nico Nico Live archives are available here

(Comes with Japanese commentary)

Official Accounts for WYYC2023 Videos

The following accounts are the official channels for WYYC2023 videos. Please follow them all.

There are some sponsors uploading their own footage of their members. That is also official and allowed.

Warning: No upload allowed without permission

  • Any freestyle or official videos uploaded without permission are not allowed.
  • Please do not re-post sections of our live stream and re-upload to your own account.
  • When we find these re-uploads, we will report them to YouTube for copyright violation. If the violation is severe and intentional, we may take legal action.
  • Anyone intentionally violating these guidelines may have their participation limited in future contests.

No footage from WYYC2023 can be used for commercial/ brand promotion except by official contest sponsors.

If you are a brand, store, or yo-yo maker, etc. that is not an official contest sponsor, we ask that you do not use any footage from the contest or contest venue. This is a privilege reserved to our sponsors only as thanks for their generous support of the contest.

Freestyle Videos

Final (yoyovideoarchive)

Semi-Final (yoyovideoarchive)

Prelim (yoyovideoarchive)

WildCard (yoyovideoarchive)

(2023.9.21 Updated)