WYYC2023 Latest News

Hello from the WYYC2023 organizing team! We’re here to notify you of some news and updates in the last few days before the world contest starts on August 17th.

Important information about the venue

The World Yo-Yo Contest is the largest scale event in our community. We expect a very large number of visitors to the contest, so we would appreciate your cooperation with the following:

  • You may carefully drink water, tea, sports drinks, etc. in the venue, as needed to stay hydrated and prevent heat stroke, but drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited to bring alcohol into the venue.
  • Eating food is only allowed in Sub Hall A. We are working on possibly setting up an eating space, or making food cars available. We will make another announcement if it is possible.
  • There is a possibility of loss or theft at an event with so many people, so we recommend that you please keep the belongings you bring to the venue to a minimum. (We would also be very sad to hear of the loss of someone’s precious collection…)
  • Please take care of your own belongings at all times.

Avoiding Heatstroke

With the cooperation of Osaka City’s water department, we will be providing a cold drinking water server at the venue. If you have your own bottle, please bring it and feel free to use the server. (Water is tested in advance to ensure it is safe to drink).
*We plan to have it set up near the Registration Booth.

SDGs Initiative #1

As we did at this year’s Japan Nationals, World Yo-Yo Contest 2023 is working with the “Association for the Support of the United Nations and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)” to recycle and reuse waste related to yo-yos.

We will be collecting the following items in boxes near the registration booth:

  • Used string or string scraps produced when adjusting string length
  • Small yo-yo parts that are no longer usable, such as bearings and spacers
  • Parts of a yo-yo body that are broken (plastic and metal)

Please note:
・These recycle boxes are free to use.
・Please use this opportunity to recycle your used strings and string scraps from during the contest.
・If you bring items from home to recycle, please limit their total size to that of an average yo-yo bag.
・This recycle collection will end when the containers are filled. It is on a first come, first served basis.
・If the items you intend to recycle are judged to be too dirty or difficult to recycle for some reason, we may decline to accept them.

We will report back at a later date as to how the items that were collected were recycled or reused.

SDGs Initiative #2

WYYC2023 is registered with the “SDGs for MICE Evaluation System” and will be managed to ensure that the event takes into consideration all relevant stakeholders, including participants, businesses, related organizations and the community.

About video filming in the venue

  • Official staff are always filming and distributing live video for publicity purposes throughout the contest, but to prevent any trouble, when you are filming for your personal use, please be sure to obtain the consent of the person or people you want to film before filming them.
  • Please do not live stream in the venue without permission from the contest organizers. In addition, because the organizers are streaming the event and posting media from official channels, it is prohibited to upload the full video of any performance on stage. That right is reserved to the contest organizers.